Meet the Team

  • Emily Cotler

    Clain Fabian

    Founder, Developer

    · Sometimes I see work as my playground.
    · Meticulos and very persistent.
    · Ideal escape from cyberspace: seaside.

  • Jennifer Zapf

    Laurentiu Opincariu

    Co-founder, Developer

    · Loves a well designed description ticket
    · Usually grumpy - as any other developer.
    · Owns a Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Judyth Collin

    William Davis

    Customer Support & Sales

    · Have an awesome border collie, that have LOTS of energy.
    · aspiring to be a people person.
    · In love with good old music.

  • Diana Tsoi

    Diana Livesay

    Support Analyst

    · Level 1 Support assistance - first hand help.
    · Juggles being a mom, university student and full time work like a pro.
    · Bookworm

  • Mikhail Twarogowski

    Alex T

    Home Designer, Architect

    · Made his own coffee mug
    · Owns a “Hall of Fame ”of junk mail with misspellings of his name
    · Knew a turkey with the temperament of a house cat (RIP Butterball)

  • Judyth Collin

    Mircea Delamarian

    Support Analyst

    · Pushes stuff until they work
    · Works hard
    · Listens heavy metal.

  • Judyth Collin

    Jose Marty


    · You'll stare into my mind and you'll watch
    · Push and after that push again!
    · Guitarrist, knowledge seeker

  • Andreea Fociuc

    Andreea Fociuc

    Marketing, SEO

    · A hummingbird once landed on her hand
    · Reads a lot
    · Likes to garden

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