Moving Software for Movers is a software service aimed to help moving companies to improve their services and the quallity they provide to their customers. With our software for residential and commercial movers we can help to offer a quotation on the spot to your customers. eMove is a software application created to help moving companies with estimates, surveys, quotations, and management. Working with eMove, you get to offer better, more reliable services towards your customers, and more than that, we help you advance in the technological field in the moving industry. was born with the idea of revolutionising the Moving industry by providing a better software for movers. Our dream was to create the best price estimation tool out there.

We want to do things better than our competition. Therefore we studied it, we understood it, we learned, and we came up with BETTER solutions.

We want to do things better than our competition. Therefore we studied it, we understood it, we learned, and we came up with BETTER solutions. We worked continuously for over 1 year, we asked for continuous feedback from a few moving companies. We wanted to improve, we wanted to do better and strive over all the competition.

So far, we managed to build a product that can help the end customers to get a price for the job, on the spot, and help the moving companies manage all their assets (meaning trucks, availability, job details etc). currently runs only for a limited number of movers, because we want to be fully capable to provide the best services for movers.

Very soon, it will be released for public use. (we can work with a man with a van or with a full big company with 30 persons and 30 trucks)


We are fair and honest and we like to work with the same kind of people.

This moving software is currently maintained by only two persons. One developer and one for everything else is required.

Laurentiu O.- is a Software Engineer, University teacher, and founder at only 26 years old.

Eduard C. - is a Quality Assurance Engineer, marketer and founder at only 27 years old.

Occasionally, we hire people to help us reach potential customers or marketing or various other tasks.

We are workaholics, very smart, and we’re willing to put in the extra work in order to get what we aiming for, the best moving software there is out there.

We’re really proud to be located in Romania, Cluj-Napoca: the “Silicon Valley” of Eastern Europe.
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Quotation and pricing for end customers


Graphical modern Moving Software manages helps the customer to submit their inventory easier, and faster. With our moving software, you can provide prices on the spot.

Trucks availability, inventory, jobs management


Moving Software that helps managing how many trucks are required for a specific job, see and maximize your profits. Managing your inventory was never easier, regardless if you are running one man van or big moving company.


A super informative blog, on moving software, and great quality services.

Our ramblings and latest news regarding, and how we intend to make the world better, through our moving software.

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