5 reasons to go paperless and use CRM

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5 reasons to go paperless and use CRM

The world has been revolving around the use of paper for hundreds of years. If before it was a luxury and only the higher classes were using it, paper started becoming a common good once it became wood-based, in the 19th century. In this day and age technology is allowing us to go paperless. This technology has been here for quite a while and is not going anywhere. The software is just becoming more advanced, richer in features, and more affordable.

Software solutions out right now are targeted for general use or for certain industries. Moving companies have an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to moving software.

Here are 5 big reasons why you should consider going digital.

Going paperless heals the planet

More and more companies are going “green”. There is such a thing as a “green moving company” that prefer using alternative methods to do their job. Going paperless is one of them and more customers that care about the environment choose to work with these companies.

Paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste. That is a significant percent, especially considering what it takes to make paper. One tree can produce between 10.000 to 20.000 sheets of paper. 300 million tons of paper are produced every year. For this, around 68 million trees are being cut down every year. That number is concerning.

Our world forests are rapidly decreasing so the industry can keep up with the demand. With it, our oxygen level is decreasing and the CO2 level increasing.

The more people will choose to go paperless, the more the demand for paper will drop and the production will slow down. This way we can start to regrow our forests and heal our planet little by little.

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Access your data anytime, anywhere

A great thing about going paperless and taking your data digital is that you can access it anywhere. Internet is widely available and most websites are being optimized for mobile use. Many types of software now come in mobile app alternatives.

eMove.io moving software is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device.

Using a CRM will help you stay on top of your game by knowing immediately when you get a new lead and have access to the information they provided. Contacting a potential customer before anyone else does is vital for the well-being of your business.

Save money

Paying monthly or yearly on a software solution might seem like a big investment at first, but it will actually start saving you money immediately. Our software for movers offers a virtual inventory that both the mover and the customer can use easily.

Save money on gas by not having to do on-site estimates. Offer a fixed price for any quote. Our software automatically calculates the final price taking into consideration the total number of cubic feet, distance, special handling, and more. You set your own prices and our software does the rest.

On top of that, going paperless and choosing a CRM will save you money on paper, printer maintenance, ink, toner, pens, and everything related to office work.

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Save time

Using moving software with the capability to do virtual inventory surveys will save you time spent on the road. It will also save you the time normally spent on inspecting and calculating on site.

Digging through stacks of paper to find information about a customer takes time and patience. Even if you’re neatly organized some documents can still go missing. Using CRM will increase your productivity and help you do your job better. It will allow you to share or use the information fast. You can contact potential and existing customers in no time.

Software like eMove.io can be used by anyone you work with. The information is easily accessed no matter the device they prefer. More importantly is that by increasing your productivity and speed, you will boost the customer’s experience.

Declutter and reduce waste by going paperless

Anyone working in an office knows how much space file cabinets can take. Documents need to be organized and stored properly in order to avoid damage or loss of information.

You can bring life to your office by getting rid of all that unnecessary paper. All your documents can be scanned and stored safely on your computer. Having a backup is very important. Computers can get damaged and information can be lost. This is why everyone should store important documents on a cloud service. They can be accessed at any time and retrieved when needed.

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Moving your documents on your computer will allow you to catalog them efficiently and bring up the information you need in just a few seconds.

You can also reduce landfill waste by going digital. Paper products make up 70% of the total waste in an office. Only in the United States, around 1 billion worth of trees, in the form of paper, are being thrown away. That number cannot be neglected and businesses are the first ones that can change things.

Even if we might not be able to go completely paperless right now, recycling is a thing to keep in mind. Paper is easy to be recycled and offering this option for your business will help the environment.

Here are some other tips if you’re thinking to go paperless

  • Secure your computer and mobile devices against attackers
  • Keep copies on both your device and cloud
  • Keep online receipts for bills, deposits, transfers
  • Remove yourself from mailing lists and switch to emails
  • Learn about digital signatures
  • Educate your employees

Software for movers

A moving company can use tons of paper every year. Yes, contracts have to be given and signed, but for everything else, going paperless will bring you many benefits. Our moving software is the most affordable one on the market and comes with tons of features to make your business more productive. Visit our website to learn more about what we offer.

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