8 tips on packing valuable objects

packing valuable objects

8 tips on packing valuable objects

No matter if you’re working for a moving company or if you’re someone who’s looking to move, valuable and fragile items are in almost everyone’s possession. You might not even realize how many fragile items you own until you actually have to pack them. You can always ask for advice from a moving company since they have much experience with such things, but here are some tips on packing valuable objects, that everyone can use.

Don’t rush

Packing valuable and fragile items takes time and patience. Rushing might cause you to break them by not paying enough attention to details, tripping, or dropping them. Everything needs to be packed and secured properly, even though we know how stressful moving can be. Hiring professional packers is never a bad idea.

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Sort the items you need to pack yourself

If you’re working with a moving company to transport your items, there are some things you have to take care of yourself. Some items should never be put in the hands of strangers, no matter who they are. Make a list of the items that need to be carried with you at all times and do not put them on the moving truck. Some of them are:

  • important documents
  • jewelry
  • photo albums
  • medication
  • sentimental items
  • personal electronics

These items shouldn’t be put out of sight even if they’re concealed. Put them in a bag or a backpack that you have with you at all times.

Use small boxes

If we’re talking about packing valuable objects like porcelain, vases, or glass, putting them in small boxes will keep them more secure. Using a box that’s too large will allow your items to move around and risk breaking.

Also make sure you use thick double-walled boxes, especially if you pack heavier items. For packing valuable items like perfumes or vintage wines, you can purchase or ask your moving company for boxes with partition inserts. This way every bottle will be kept in place and have protection from the one next to it.

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Sort and label

It’s important to stay organized while packing valuable objects or delicate objects. Sort them by category like plates, bowls, vases, glasses, etc. Pack together items that are in the same category but be mindful of the weight of the box. If you have many porcelain plates on top of each other, make sure the box can handle it so you don’t risk the bottom breaking under the weight. If they’re too many, separate them into more boxes.

It’s very important to label all the boxes so everyone knows that there are fragile items inside, that need to be handled with care.

Protect them accordingly

Every type of item has its own needs when it comes to packing them. For example, packing valuable objects that have rough or pointy edges shouldn’t be done using bubble wrap. The edges can break the bubbles and the plastic itself will give no protection. For this, you can use newspaper balls and peanuts.

Fine china and Christmas ornaments should always be wrapped individually in bubble wrap. The best way to pack plates is to arrange them vertically in the box. All the boxes you use for fragile items should be lined with padding and you can also use foam peanuts between the items.

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Vases, glasses, cups and anything else that is hollow can be protected even more by stuffing them with crumpled newspaper or wrapping paper.

Make sure you double tape every box with strong tape so that you don’t end up with surprises.

Consider white-glove services

If you have to move antiques and a lot of other fragile items consider hiring a white glove moving company. They will also help with packing valuable items and transporting them securely. Companies that offer this service are specialized in dealing with valuables and will assist you with the move from start to finish.

If you’re a moving company and you are thinking about offering this service, you should do a lot of research on packing and transporting valuables, as many of these cannot be replaced easily.

Protect yourself

Moving insurance is a must-have in case something goes wrong with your valuables. This is normally offered by every moving company, but you can always purchase extra coverage.

You should always take photos before and after packing valuable objects to have proof of their original condition. Movers normally take photos as well and note the original condition of every item on the Bill of Lading.

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Listen to the mover

When you hire a moving company, choose and compare quotes between at least 3 of them. Pick a company that has experience with valuables and fragile items. Most of them offer packing services but if you choose to do the packing yourself, listen to every advice and indication they give you.

Transporting things safely to the destination is their everyday job, so they know what they’re talking about.

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