Eco-friendly moving tips to apply today

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Eco-friendly moving

We live in a world in which the population grows fast and with it, every industry. Even though economical and industrial growth are not necessarily a bad thing, doing so without taking into consideration the environment will surely have repercussions on us all. The Earth feeds us, so we have to protect it however we can. The ones in the moving industry can also take some steps to provide eco-friendly moving. In this post, we’ll give you some ideas about things you can do to “go green”.

Offer reusable moving boxes

Plastic can be great when used in moderation, or even better, reused. Your moving company can start by offering plastic bins and tubs instead of cardboard boxes.

Advise your clients to use things they already have to pack such as duffle bags, bins, cardboard boxes they have, suitcases, anything that’s already in their home. For what remains offer reusable containers, that would come back in your possession after the move and be ready for the next customer. Just drop them off before the move so your clients have time to pack,

The paper industry is massive. Up to 160.000 trees are cut down each day and many of these go for the production of paper. Even though cardboard boxes can be recycled the process used to make them still has an impact on the environment

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Use biodegradable materials

Film wrap, bubble wrap, and foam peanuts are essential for protecting furniture and fragile items. The team of a professional moving company knows how much of these they have to use on a regular job. The good news is that in this day and age, you can acquire biodegradable wrap, that won’t harm the environment.

Normal plastic doesn’t decompose. 95% of bubble wrap ends up in landfills and piles up. Plastic that’s incinerated releases toxic fumes in the atmosphere. But biodegradable wrap starts decomposing after a few months, aided by bacteria and disappears without a trace.

Why all the fuss about plastic? Depending on the type and size of the plastic pieces, it pollutes the environment in various ways and it’s harmful to all living beings. We’ve all seen what plastic does to our waters and the animals living in it.  Aside from that, plastic finds its way in the soil, where it can cause sinkholes. The production of plastic also hurts the air we breathe by releasing enormous amounts of CO2.

We also have to learn the difference between “biodegradable” and “break down”. Plastic that’s able to be “broken down” is simply cut into small pieces that end up being ingested by birds, fish and, turtles, probably also humans. If you want to switch to alternative materials, always look for the right types.

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Eco-friendly driving

Most people use diesel fuel and most of them also know how harmful is for the environment. We all need transportation and not all trips can be done on bikes, but there is a way to help the air. It’s the biodiesel fuel. This is made out of vegetable oils, fat or recycled grease and its compatible with diesel engines because it works the same way.

Biodiesel is renewable and biodegradable. It’s non-toxic and burns a lot cleaner than standard diesel fuel. The bad part about this is that it’s more expensive and you cannot find it everywhere. It’s produced in 43 countries, the top ones being the USA, Germany, and Argentina.

Aside from using biodiesel, one of the best and easiest things you can do as a mover is to avoid unnecessary trips. We know that driving to every potential customer to survey and offer quotes consumes time, energy and money. Using moving software like will help you avoid just that. Any customer can send you a digital inventory with their quote request. The total price is generated automatically, saving you time and fuel.

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The pro recycling campaigns have been going on for years and years and still not enough hear the message. Even though most countries offer selective garbage disposal and the younger population seems to be trying, there is still a lot of miscommunication and problems understanding the process.

Moving companies deal with a lot of paper and plastic waste because of the industry they work in. It’s essential to be an example and to try to make a difference and follow good recycling practices.

Cardboard boxes can be reused, but when they get close to the end of their lives, they can be sent for recycling. Even though the process is not very eco-friendly, it’s still better than cutting down new trees to make new cardboard.

Plastic can be recycled as well, though not all of it. Plastic goes through a selection but most of it can be recycled or at least broken down. However, it’s always better to try to use biodegradable items as much as possible.

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Donate is a website that partners with moving companies. They collect non-perishable food from customers that want to donate them and pass it on to those in need.

Literally tons of food end up wasted every single day. People tend to buy more than they need and during a moving process, they almost always leave canned food behind.

Food is not the only thing that can be donated. Clothes, toys, old furniture, toiletry items can find new homes. Movers, through their business, can help many people in need and contribute to reducing environmental impact.

Reduce the use of paper

Like we said above, the paper industry is one of the leading causes of deforestation in the world. It takes 24 trees to make a ton of office paper. During a normal office day, an office worker generates about 2 pounds (0.91 kg) of used paper. By the end of the day, 70% of it ends up in the trash.

The way to reduce paper use is by going digital. Moving companies have a great chance to use software designed for their every need. is a moving software that will help moving companies of any size handle their entire database from any device. No more stacks of paper, no more spending time digging through them to find information about a customer. Everything from customer management, to job, truck or inventory management is done from your dashboard.

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Buy back

If your customers already have packing materials offer to buy their unused boxes and other materials or offer discounts on their move for providing them. Another thing a mover can do is offer to get all the used materials and take them to get recycled for free.

People don’t tend to move very often and most of your clients might be happy for the help to dispose of items they might not need for a while.

Be an example

A moving company earns customers with their reputation. More and more people are looking for green moving companies to do business with. You can start practicing some of these eco-friendly moving tips today. You can aim to become a “green moving company” and be the example the world needs on how to reduce environmental impact.

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