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We’re very proud to announce the launch of a directory for moving companies worldwide. In this article, we’d like to focus on the importance of making use of directories, but also on how to add your company to the eMove movers directory.

What makes ours special? There’s no waiting time. Other directories require a waiting period of a few weeks, and even up to a year. Our mover directory is easy to use and will not remove your listing! On top of that, it is also free.

Why use a movers directory?

A directory is a catalog that lists individual companies. You can add your company’s description, location information, contact details, etc. Your online presence is strongly related to the number of customers you get. The more you list your business, the more it will appear in search results when someone looks for a service that you offer.

Your logo is a powerful thing. It makes your company stand out from the rest and imprints in the visual memory of customers and potential customers. Appearing often in search results and listing websites will increase your visibility.

Marketing companies are paid to increase your online presence when you can do just that. Of course, listing your business on big directories such as Yelp and Google Business is essential, but the more you list, the more traffic you will get. Smaller directories deserve their place in the equation.

How to list your business on eMove Movers Directory

Our movers directory homepage is clean and simple. Click on “Create a listing” button and this will take you to the page where you will submit your information. Select the category “moving company”, add your business’ name and a short description.

The long description should contain everything you want others to see. Services, special features, anything that makes your company stand out. Your listing is your own and you can add whatever you wish.

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The contact information under the description is very important if you want to be found. Add your phone number (even multiple numbers), email, and company’s address.

The business tags are especially important to categorize your business by location. You can use that space to add your country, cities of operation, national or international service, special services like piano or pet relocation. You are in complete control of the details you share.

The final section is the place where you can add 2 photos per listing. We recommend using the main slot for your logo. This will work as the preview photo for your listing and it will be the first thing people see.

Worldwide Directory

We currently have over 1000 listed companies from the UK and the USA. However, we accept listings from every country. Help us grow the database, by adding your moving company. If your business is already listed and you wish to edit it, contact us using the message button from your listing.

eMove movers directory goes hand in hand with our moving software. We strive to offer movers the possibility to showcase their business in every way we can. Aside from the free movers directory, we offer free landing pages for your website, if you use our software. However, you do not have to use our moving software to list your business on the directory.

eMove business listing movers direcotry


Contact us for any questions you might have at contact@emove.io. We offer free live demos of our moving software at your convenience.

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