Moving safety tips for everyone

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Moving safety tips everyone should know

Moving can be a difficult process for both movers and the people who move. Manual labor can result in injuries, damages, or other potential problems that sometimes can be avoided. Taking the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of your belongings is a step everyone should take when planning a move.  In this article, we’ll show you some moving safety tips, that hopefully can help you go through the move easier and without incidents.

Many people tend to do things themselves without being aware of the risk it comes with. Reputable moving companies know how to do things properly. However, we believe that newer people in this business might find the information helpful.


No matter if you’re a mover or someone who decides to move, planning is the first step of every process. Does your space have stairs, elevators, or even a raised threshold? All these have to be noted down and possibly marked for people to see. Avoid injuries and damages by tripping or falling.

If you know you own big pieces of furniture that can’t fit through the front door, come up with solutions before the move happens. Know how much manpower you need to ensure there are no issues when lifting. Back injuries are some of the most common accidents caused when moving.

You should always inspect every exit before the move and make sure they are free to use. You never know if you’ll need to use a different exit for something. They should be cleared of objects, boxes, or anything else that could be a hazard.

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Tips for moving furniture

Furniture can be tricky to move in many cases. Lifting it can cause back injuries or comes with the risk of it being dropped. If the piece is too large, it can result in scratches or other damages. One moving safety measure is to avoid lifting it by using furniture sliders. These are pieces of plastic or rubber that help the furniture slide across the floor. This way there’s no risk for your back or for the wooden floors since these are safe to use on surfaces. Many companies will come with a dolly to move furniture and heavy boxes.

If lifting furniture is necessary, there are some tips to help you do it safely. One important thing to keep in mind is to always use gloves. These will protect your fingers from being cut on the edges and will help you get a grip, without the risk of it sliding out of your hand.

Use your knees to lift, not your lower back, how you might be inclined to do. You should always hold the weight close to your waist. Turning around while carrying should always be done together with the item you’re carrying, without sudden movements from your back. Never lift heavy objects over your head.

Keep small children and pets out of the way

Getting your children involved in the moving process is beneficial if they are old enough to want to get involved and help out with small tasks. But when it comes to the actual moving of the items, it’s better to keep them out of the way, as a moving safety measure, to avoid injuries to them or the movers.

Young children and pets like to run around and movers might trip over them. Keep them under supervision in an area where they can stay busy with toys or watching cartoons. If it’s possible, leaving them with another family member would be ideal.

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Wear suitable clothes

It’s important to be comfortable when moving. Keep in mind that your clothes can get stained, dirty, or torn during the moving process so don’t wear something you really care about. The shoes are the most important things to think about. A pair that is inappropriate for heavy labor might result in injuries.

Wear fit clothes that won’t get hooked on items. They have to be breathable enough, especially if you move during a warm season. Avoid wearing open toe shoes of any kind. The pair you choose has to be closed and have an anti-slip sole.

If you move during a cold season and overheat indoors, don’t be tempted to not put another layer on before you go out the door. The sudden temperature shift in combination to you being sweaty and heated up could result in getting seriously sick,

Safe packing

Some people might have a tendency to overstuff boxes to save space. However, all boxes have a limit on weight to them, no matter if they’re cardboard or plastic tubs. It’s important not to make them too heavy to avoid the items falling out through the bottom or giving you a back injury while trying to carry them.

Double-taping every box is important to avoid them breaking under their own weight. Use only quality tape and boxes that are in good condition. A small box shouldn’t contain more than 50lbs (22 kg) worth of items. A medium box can hold 60lbs (27 kg) and a big one 70lbs (32 kg).

Making sure no sharp edges poke through the box is essential for the condition of the box and for your hands when you unpack. Sticking your hand in a sharp object when unpacking can’t have a good result. When packing your items you have to make sure every item with sharp edges, corners, or that are pointy (knives, forks, scissors, etc) are wrapped safely in bubble wrap or towels. Secure them further with rubber bands or twine, to make sure they don’t get out of their protection.

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Take care of your health

Moving safety tips always include taking excellent care of your own health while the moving process happens. A diet that gives your body the strength to deal with heavy labor is very important. Avoid foods that cause tiredness, like carbs and too much protein. Opt for foods that give you energy, like leafy greens, eggs, fish, and oatmeal.

Staying hydrated constantly will help your body work at its best. However, avoid drinks with lots of sugar and focus on drinking water instead. If you want to try to take supplements during this time, we recommend you ask your doctor which are the best ones for you or if you even need them.

Aside from food and water, you must not forget about sleep. Nothing will work as expected if your body doesn’t receive the rest required to regenerate. Resting also includes relaxing, so don’t forget about the activities that you enjoy and that make you disconnect. Do you like reading or gaming? Give yourself at least an hour a day to focus on them.

Don’t do more than you can handle

No matter if we’re talking about lifting or working while you’re exhausted, neither of these things is good for you. Listen to your body and don’t ignore signs that show something is amiss. If you’ve had a prior injury or surgery that you know might cause you issues, don’t ignore it.

Don’t carry more than you know you can.  Ask for help instead of doing it all yourself. When you’re tired or didn’t have a proper meal you won’t be at your full potential. It’s vital to put your health first.

If you hire a moving company, don’t forget they have a demanding job. Offer them refreshments and allow them to take breaks if the job takes a while, and they deal with heavy items.

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