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What you need to know if you want to offer pet relocation services

Have you ever thought about offering pet relocation services with your moving company? Moving pets can be tricky and it requires staying informed, dedicated, and empathic.  For most potential clients, pets are members of their family. You would make sure grandma gets to her new home safe and happy. The same applies to a cat, dog, even fish. In this article, we’ll focus mostly on ground transportation.

Have a dedicated team

If your budget allows you to grow your company even further, it’s safe to say that many people look for pet-friendly companies. Most moving companies don’t offer this service, because of the dedication it comes with it and the additional legal requirements

Consider having a team of people specialized in relocating pets. Them being animal lovers and understanding their needs and behavior is a must. This pet relocation team should be the one that makes the travel plan while reducing stress and discomfort for the animals.

If you’re thinking about offering this service, certain registrations might have to be obtained in your area of operation.

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Require proof of vaccination

Even though keeping the pets safe is the priority, keeping the staff and the environment in perfect condition is extremely important as well. Different states and countries have different requirements, but in most places, certain vaccinations, like rabies vaccination, are mandatory.

It’s very important for the animal to be treated for fleas, ticks, and internal parasites. The owner should provide a clean bill of health from the veterinarian. If the pet relocation happens by ground transportation internationally, quarantine might be a requirement.

Offer information

Offering flyers in both physical and PDF format is very important. Customers need to stay informed about the process and requirements of relocating their pets safely. This can include information about transport carriers, pet documentation, general information about the moving process, safety measures, information about how to make the pet adjust in their new home, regulations, etc.

Pet owners can get very stressed out by the moving process as well. Providing information every step of the way might ease their mind. Knowing that their fur babies are in safe hands will help them stay focused on the move.

Companies should provide total costs to their clients. Costs per distance traveled, service, materials should be discussed in advance.

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Pet owners should be notified in advance of the responsibilities they have for safe pet relocation. Most of them include:

  • Pick up at the destination
  • Pet documents at all times
  • Research of regulations of their destination
  • Vaccinations and flea/tick prevention
  • Tags
  • Appropriate travel crates
  • Pet travel kit (food, blanket, toy, etc)

Dedicated pet vehicles

Every company that offers pet relocation services should have vehicles specially dedicated to transporting animals. Not only that in some places moving vans are not allowed to be used for pet relocation, but some people suffer from allergies. Risking getting pet hair on people’s belongings is never a good idea.

It is especially important to be able to provide the pet with a suitable temperature in the vehicle. Too hot or too cold can cause them serious health issues. The vehicle should also allow the pet’s companion to see it at all times and make sure it’s okay.

Keep the pet and the owner happy during transportation

Depending on what species you’re transporting to their new home, you’ll need to adapt to stopping often. A dog can’t stay crammed in a kennel for too long and be happy. They will need walks and bathroom breaks every few hours. Most pets will want snacks as well. In some cases, just like humans, pets can get car sick and that would require additional stops.

Keeping the owner informed about the well-being of the animal is essential as well. Consider texting them with updates, or even better, send them photos of their pet for their peace of mind.


Everyone involved in the move should be informed, not just the team assigned to planning it. If you know you’re moving a bearded dragon, research in advance the needs of that specific animal. A ferret or a clownfish? Research is essential in every case.

Certain dog breeds with snub noses like pugs or bulldogs need an eye kept on them at all times. They can be sensitive to heat, and they normally have breathing problems.

Aside from that it’s better to offer private transportation and don’t mix in multiple customers at once. Being around new animals can stress out many of them. Moving is already stressful.

Get to know the pets before the move

It’s extremely important for the pet to know the person/ people that will be relocating them, Meet with the customers and spend time with their animals for 30-45 minutes at least. Being a familiar “smell” will reduce the stress that comes with the move.

Overall, if you’re thinking about offering ground relocation services for animals, you’ll need to get a dedicated team and vehicles and do a lot of research, both legal and about the animals themselves. The good part about all of this is the reward from spending time with animals and the extra income. Pet relocation is a service that will always be sought after.

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