The importance of estimation software for your moving company

I’ve compiled a list on why moving software is important to moving companies.

First thing first. We’re living in a digital era, aren’t we? You, as a moving company you should dive into that. You’re customers already do. There’s Facebook, there’s, there’s Expedia. Why not pushing your moving company into that as well? You could get more.

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There’s more on the table for the moving industry. And the most important thing for you, as a moving company owner, is business. You want to get more business and more money as a mover and make it easier for you. Make it as easy as possible for your moving company.


How a moving software can help you and why should you care about it? It’s fairly simple:

-> it can help your moving company providing a price to your customers – on the spot
-> it can save time and money by not using evaluators
-> you get the item list from your customers right away
-> you’re paying only for that you’re using
-> save money by paying fewer fees brokers and other 3rd parties.

Did you know that it takes about two or three days in order to send an evaluator to the house where you are taking that move?

What happens if your customers think that the moving price is way too high and they do not agree(or afford) to pay for their move? In this case, you’re losing time and money.

The best-proven way is to be upfront with your costs and provide them right away.

Why Providing quotes on the spot is really important for your moving business?
One of the best reason that can be said, is because almost no one can!

One of the most common life events that are prone to bring about quite a few new gray hairs is that of moving. Whether you’ve decided to live on your own for the first time or are in the market for a bigger place to accommodate your ever-growing family, moving is a time-consuming, stressful period in anyone’s life. As such, anyone looking to relocate will want to make sure that they do their research and planning very well, to minimize these little unpleasant side-effects.

As professional movers, you are aware of these facts. But your clients won’t always be and may need additional information and explanations as to what services you provide and why they should hire you. To help you out, today’s article will cover in-home moving estimates and several of the most important reasons why your clients will want to opt for one.

An in-house moving estimate is one of the most invaluable tools that an expert mover has at their disposal. To start off, and this is probably the number one reason you should quote to your clients when you are asked why they should opt for an in-house estimate, this allows the moving company to provide the customer with the best experience during the move. An in-house estimate is almost as close as you can get to a guarantee that the big event will take place with no issues arising. That is because an in-house estimate will provide the moving company with as

Better and faster than in-house estimate would be a software that can do that for you, right away. With an online estimate software, you’ll be able to provide a quote on the spot for your customers. this way you’ll get faster and more through leads.
We recommend our in-house built software for providing a quote because it can be customized based to your own needs.

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