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#StaySafeStayHome is the online trend in the past month. It’s valid and important. However, some industries have to continue doing their jobs. The moving industry might not have a lot of business right now, but there are still moments when you have to go out and do a job and practice important work safety.

Caution is the way to go when it comes to doing a moving job during this rough time. Even though it might sound like it’s impossible to stay away from COVID19, there are certain precautions you can take to greatly diminish the risks.

And no, a hazmat suit is not the only way.

We did not come with these solutions ourselves. They are suggested after looking into valid and verified medical sources.

Wash your hands!

This is THE MOST important precaution anyone should take, mover or not. The new coronavirus spreads, especially through contact. Washing your hands often, up to your elbows, even if you wear latex gloves, is the way to go. The virus spreads when getting in contact with your mouth, eyes or nose. Avoid touching your face at any time and if you do have to scratch your nose, wash them beforehand.

If you do not have constant access to a sink, carrying a bottle of sanitizer is important. Be careful however, the sanitizer should state that it kills viruses. You can also make your own with a simple recipe. Add 3 parts alcohol that is at least 70% strength and 1 part aloe vera gel. Adding essential oils is okay if you know for sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to them.

Always prioritize washing your hands and only use hand sanitizer when you don’t have another solution.

Here’s are some instructions on how to wash your hands correctly.

wash hands instructions

Sanitize your work clothes

When you work you get in contact with people and different environments. It’s important to sanitize them as soon as you get home. This way you avoid spreading the virus to your family and your surfaces at home.

Taking your shoes off as soon as you come through the door should be a general practice. However, now is the best time to start doing it if you weren’t doing it before. The shoes come in contact with a lot of stuff.

Try using disposable gloves when doing laundry. Put them in the washing machine as soon as you take them off. If you’re unable to do so, you should store them in a disposable bag until they are ready to be washed. It is best to wash them at the highest temperature setting of your washing machine.

You can disinfect your shoes with alcohol, but it’s important to use one that is over 70%. Any percentage lower than that is not effective in destroying the virus, the health officials state.

Wear a face mask

This is actually a little controversial among health experts. Some say that it doesn’t help, some say it does. It’s generally agreed that it mostly helps for people who are already sick not to pass it on. Many people don’t even know they’re carriers and they still are able to infect others. If you live in an area with many cases, it’s better to keep others safe by wearing a mask.

It is important to use it right, by tightening it around your face as much as you can. Cover your nose and your mouth and wash/sanitize your hands after you touch it. Health experts advise to change it every 4 hours or as soon is it gets damp.

man using face mask

Minimize human contact

Using moving software like can help you minimize physical interaction with your customers. You have to avoid doing things face to face especially when you have the option to do it digitally. Price estimation can now be done without being there to asses the items.

Even if it sounds strange, it would be better if the move happened without the clients being present. Ask them to sanitize as much as they can in their home and their belongings as well.

If you offer storage services and your customers agree, you can store their belongings until the situation changes. You have to practice good sanitization of the storage as well.

If you do have to get in contact with people, which sometimes is unavoidable, listen to the advice of health officials and stay 6 feet (2 meters) away from other people.

Take care of your employees

Let the members of your team stay home and rest if they’re not feeling well or if they’re stressed. Stress reduces immunity. Also if any of your employees are showing symptoms of a cold, send them home as soon as possible and advise them to self isolate for 14 days.

Inform your team of how to practice good hygiene during this time. For this, you have to stay informed yourself. Keep an eye on official recommendations from your health providers and the news outlets you follow.

Don’t accept cash

Right now it’s best to handle all of your transactions online. Some information released by health officials confirmed that the virus is very easily spread through banknotes and coins. Using a card, bank transfer or other virtual ways of transactions is the safest way to go.

money mask corona virus covid19

In conclusion, it’s not impossible assist people with relocations during pandemics, as long as everyone practices good hygiene. Stay focused, stay informed and always put yourself and your loved ones in the first place.

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