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Graphical modern Moving Software manages helps the customer to submit their inventory easier, and faster. With our moving software, you can provide prices on the spot.

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Moving Software that helps managing how many trucks are required for a specific job, see and maximize your profits. Managing your inventory was never easier, regardless if you are running one man van or big moving company.


MANAGEMENT moving software allows you to manage your company’s assets such as trucks, availability, moving capability, offering Bill of Lading for any of your jobs.

With we can calculate your job requirements, your job capabilities, and store everything in single place.

All the job details, such as customer profile, and move details are being stored in a safe place in cloud, available for you at any given time.

On the management section, you can set the price for your future potential jobs, restrictions, and deals.

Manage pricing for the moving company:

  • Set your price, based on the volume, distance, special handling, COI, Long Push, Packing Services, Access Level, etc.
  • You can also set the prices with some other various advanced settings and features that we have available.

Managing restrictions for the moving company:

What if you don’t want to book jobs with less than a specific value? With our restrictions you can do that:

  • restrict jobs that are not within a certain radius.
  • Restrict jobs that are not within a certain cash value.
  • Restrict jobs that are not justifying your manpower (example, job with less than 50 CF)

Managing deals for the moving company:

There are some difficult periods, where you just don’t book jobs. What if you’d have some promotional lower prices? Sometimes lowering your job pricing, is better than no jobs with 0 price. We thought that this might help you book some more.

By deals, we mean offering you the possibility to lower your prices for a period of time, and providing discounts and promotional prices for your customers.

Cancellation policies: We can calculate/retain a part of the fee paid in advance, by the customer.

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