We know what a fair price means for a moving software product.

We also know stuff like how much competition and other similar moving services are asking.

With us, it’s like paying a penny on a dollar.

eMove packages

What do you get, with our software?
  • A innovative tool for getting quotes from your customers.
  • A innovative tool for managing your resources. (Example: how many trucks, people, boxes, any other materials)
  • Continuous development and support from our side.
  • Customer service support, from our side, for all the techy stuff.
  • A reliable partner.
  • Everything is unlimited. Absolutely no restrictions.

We are offering our packages to a premium price, for a limited period of time. This price, will also include some upcoming premium features and new changes, and continuous support from our side.

For all the signed contracts, the price stay as a flat fee, until the termination of the contract.

* limited offer valid until further notice

We are using a flat fee, because we wanted to make it accesible for everyone. We want to learn, alongside you.

Why should you trust us and our moving software?
  • We are using the "straight forward" policty. With us, everything is upfront. No hidden fees. No surprises.
  • Because we care. we know the industry, and we understand the importance of bringing in more business. And that's where our focus is.
  • We offer customer support. Try calling us anytime. We promise that somebody will always pick up.

If you decide that you don’t want to use eMove moving software, you can send us an email, and we will close your account and the contract right away.

How it works?

Simple. We sign a contract, you pay the fee and we start working together.

You’ll have a two weeks period for adjustments, where we can tweak your pricing, in order to make sure that your customers are getting the quotes, like they would get the pricing from you directly.

Fixed Price guaranteed for the people who look to more


Graphical modern Moving Software that helps the customer to submit their inventory easier, and faster. With our moving software, you can provide prices on the spot.

Trucks availability, inventory, jobs management


Moving Software that helps managing how many trucks are required for a specific job, see and maximize your profits. Managing your inventory was never easier, regardless if you are running one man van or big moving company


Built with extra care and attention

If you got to read this far, it means that you already understand our potential and you’re interested in a partnership with our moving software.

Here are a few more reasons to convince you to sign up to use our moving software:

  • even though we’re new on the moving software market, we’re really hardworking, reliable and we promise to give 110% of our potential, innovate and outdo ourselves at any given moment;
  • our software is cheaper, it’s better than the most options that currently exist on the moving software market and it’s focused on helping both you, the moving company and your client (the person who is getting moved);
  • eMove it’s a cloud moving software. This means, that neither you or your customers won’t need to install anything. It works right in the browser;
  • we’re really proud to be located in Cluj Napoca - Romania, a Southeastern European country. The city also known as Cluj-Napoca: the “Silicon Valley” of Eastern Europe;
  • We offer customer support. Anytime it's needed.
  • Our pricing will always be flat fee.
  • We are using "straight forward policy". Meaning you will know everything we know at any given time.
  • We understand the industry and our goal is to help your company bring in more business.
  • We will help and support you with ANY techy stuff.

In order to get started, all you have to do is sign up, and we get back to you with more details as soon as possible!

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